Lifetime Professional Achievement Award

Applications are due 30 June 2023


The Lifetime Professional Achievement Award recognizes professionals in government, industry, or academia who have demonstrated long-term leadership in AUTOTESTCON fields-of-interest. The Award supersedes the former AUTOTESTCON “Frank McGinnis Professional Achievement” and “Man of the Year” awards. The Award is presented at the AUTOTESTCON awards luncheon by the AUTOTESTCON Board Chair or Vice-Chair. The Award includes a check, from the current AUTOTESTCON budget, in the amount of $2,000.00, plus a suitable permanent trophy. Prior to 2009, the Award consisted of one-year stewardship of a perpetual trophy, and the following year, when the perpetual trophy was awarded to another recipient, the previous winner would receive receives a smaller “keeper” trophy or commemorative plaque, also sponsored by the then-current AUTOTESTCON committee from its budget. In 2009, the permanent award was given to the National Electronics Museum near Baltimore MD to be put on permanent display via a one-time grant from the Aerospace & Electronic Systems Society. The trophy is ordered by the Agent of the AUTOTESTCON Board, and as previously noted, paid for by the current AUTOTESTCON Committee.


The Lifetime Professional Achievement Award is sponsored by the AUTOTESTCON Board of Directors and funded by the current year AUTOTESTCON.

Award Criteria

  • Nominees must have clearly demonstrated professional (technical or managerial) achievements in AUTOTESTCON fields-of-interest spanning a career.
  • Nominees should have name recognition within the AUTOTESTCON community.
  • The Nominee’s demonstrated achievements should have significant impact across the AUTOTESTCON community, beyond the normal functional duties of his/her organization.
  • Nominees should have visible participation in AUTOTESTCON.
  • Nominations may be submitted by any individual, regardless of affiliation.
  • Nominations should be accompanied by a short biographical sketch, along with a short (300-500) word summary recommendation.

Nomination & Balloting Process

  • Each year, the AUTOTESTCON Board of Directors will solicit nominations via a variety of means, including AUTOTESTCON attendees, AUTOTESTCON exhibitors, IEEE Sponsoring Societies (I&M, AESS), personal contacts, etc.
  • Award nomination solicitations should be publicized via I&M Magazine and AESS Magazine announcements, along with notices sent to various trade publications and organizations concerned with automated tests.
  • Nominations are to be sent along with the nomination form to Jenna Yockim ( by 30 June 2023.
  • Once nominations are received, which should occur no later than June 30 of each year, balloting shall occur among Board members, with each member having one vote.
  • Ballots shall be sent to Board members with instructions to note 1st choice, 2nd choice, etc. Ballots shall be tallied by adding all numbers per candidate, with the lowest count winning. A ballot received with a blank space by a candidate’s name shall be counted as a number representing the highest number of candidates on the ballot.
  • Ballots shall also have a “no award” entry, and if a simple majority of votes cast indicate “no award”, then the Lifetime Professional Award will be not presented for that year.


  • The Lifetime Professional Achievement Award may only be received once by the same individual. Recipients of the former “Frank McGinnis Professional Achievement” and “AUTOTESTCON Man of the Year” Awards are not eligible to receive the Lifetime Professional Achievement Award.
  • Current members of the Board of Directors are not eligible for the award.

Award Notification

The Board administrative assistant will inform the AUTOTESTCON Board Chairman of balloting results and shall cause the awardee to be so notified to help assure his/her attendance at the current AUTOTESTCON. The awardee will be asked to submit a current photograph and biographical sketch to the Agent at least 90 days prior to the current AUTOTESTCON to allow publication in the Proceedings and the Conference Program.

Prior Frank McGinnis Award Winners

2022 – no award
2021 – no conference & no award
2020 – no conference & no award
2019 – no award
2018 – no award
2017 – Michael Frye
2016 – no award
2015 – Mike Ellis
2014 – no award
2013 – Dennis Hecht
2012 – Loofie Guterman
2011 – Marty Regan
2010 – David Walhermfechtel
2009 - Leslie A. Orlidge
2008 - Peter H. Williamson
2007 - John W. Sheppard
2006 - Joseph C. O'Connell, Jr.
2005 - Donald Kump
2004 - William Ross
2003 – no award
2002 – no award
2001 - John Roche
1999 - Fred Liguori
1998 - Howard Savage
1997 - Robert G. Mager
1996 - Wright A. "Andy" Nodine
1995 - Milton G. Slade
1994 - Michael T. Ellis
1993 - John Colgan
1992 - Robert C. Rassa
1991 - Charles Scaturo
1990 - James A. (Bert) Houston
1989 - Oscar W. Sepp
1988 - Bernard P. Gollomp
1987 - Lee C. Paulson
1986 - Paul Giordano
1985 - Oliver T. Carver

Prior “Man of the Year” Winners

1984 - Patrick M. Toscano
1981 - Bernard P. Gollomp
1980 - David M. Goodman
1979 - Fred Liguori